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Name, Title
Name, Title
About Kitty Haven Sanctuary of Utah

In March of 2002, our family moved to a small farming community outside Logan, Utah. We were seeking more space than we had in the city. We brought with us two cats that we had rescued and adopted before leaving the big city, Tabby and Oreo. Oreo is still with us today and going strong at 18 years old.  Tabby has passed on but lived a long rich life before passing on at age 18 from cancer.

When we moved in another cat showed up on our doorstep starved and pregnant. We quickly took care of her and fed her and gave her the name of Tasha. When her kittens were born we cared for them also. This was the beginning of a long list of cats that would be dropped off by people who could no longer care for their animals or those who had abused them and did not want them anymore. Many of these cats have found a home here at Kitty Haven Sanctuary while others have gone on to find their forever homes.

Until recently we have been functioning on private funds but since the turn in the economy and the large number of cats being abandoned we can no longer operate on our own funds. We have recently become a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, tax exempt organization that now functions on the funds that are donated to us through those who care for these animals as much as we do.

The Future
Kitty Haven currently consists of one building that has been designed to accommodate the 78 cats we currently have living with us. Our long term goal is to be able to erect a much larger building or several buildings that will accommodate more cats. We also hope to be able to rescue dogs and start a horse rescue program.

The long term success of Kitty Haven Sanctuary, as with any charity, depends on the generous donations of you, the public. If you believe that what we are doing is something of value, kindly make a donation.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions or questions.

Melissa Cowley
Founder and Director,
Kitty Haven Sanctuary of Utah

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