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We are a donor supported, Non-Profit Animal Sanctuary
We are located in the pristine Cache Valley of Northern Utah near the Idaho border. We provide playrooms filled with climbers, toys and beds for the comfort of the cats. We are a cage free sanctuary and the cats are allowed to roam the rooms they are in or go outside during the summer in special enclosed outdoor kennels.
Kitty Haven is not able to accept animals from the public. What happens if a cat or dog is dropped off at Kitty Haven?  If a cat or dog is dropped off at our sanctuary, we are required to call Animal Control. By law, animals must be placed in the custody of Animal Control to be reunited with their owners. Under penal code 597s, it is unlawful to abandon an animal, and doing so will subject them to attacks by predatory wildlife.

We are currently not accepting any cats at this time as we are full.
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Kitty Haven Sanctuary of Utah is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, volunteer-based no-kill animal sanctuary. Our mission is to rescue homeless and abandoned cats, spay, neuter and provide medical care for them and then provide them care either for life or until they can be adopted.

Kitty Haven Sanctuary in 
Need of Donations

Kitty Haven Sanctuary of Utah is a non-profit, no-kill, 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt organization dedicated when possible, to finding homes for the rescued cats in our care. We care for the homeless and abandoned cats as wells as the sick and injured cats who turn up on our doorstep. The animals in our care are spayed and neutered, tested for feline diseases, and given the necessary vaccines to help keep them healthy.  

As you know, pet care can be very expensive with the ever increasing cost of food and medical expenses. It seems that are funds are depleted as soon as we receive them due to the large number of cats we are caring for and the increasing cost of veterinarian care for those who are growing older. We are always in need of funding for not only cat food, litter, cleaning supplies, general maintenance and operating of the shelter, and other general items needed for the cats in our care but also for the cost of medicine and veterinarian visits to care for the many different aliments found in our sanctuary. Many of the cats in our care are in need of dental work to care for teeth that have gone bad and make it almost impossible to eat. Others need special prescription diets. We also have several asthmatic cats that need to have treatment either daily or weekly to help them be able to breathe. All these expenses quickly add up and deplete our funds more rapidly than we can receive donations.

The sanctuary functions primarily on the donations from private organizations and individuals. Our work is done by a small group of volunteers. As the Founder and Director, I volunteer fifty plus hours per week to care for the animals in our sanctuary and running the clerical side of the sanctuary. I also work a full time job to help supplement the donations we do receive when necessary. We receive no government support.

Our current wish list or what we need right now is:
-We are in desperate need of monetary donations to help pay for veterinarian bills, medications, surgeries, food, and litter.
-Bedding (can be new or gently used and can include pillows or pet beds, towels, wash cloths, comforters, blankets, bath mats, or sheets.)
-Food Items (Please nothing other than what is listed here. Many of our cats have allergies to certain foods so we need to stick to what is on the list): Science Diet Healthy Weight, Kitten, Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin, Mature Adult, and Adult Optimal Care. Any brand Pro Plan food. Pro Plan or Science Diet Stew canned cat food.
-Paper towels, plastic spoons, small paper plates, and large paper plates for feeding wet food.  
-Cat toys. Climbing trees.
-Tidy cats clumping litter in the 28lb or 35lb buckets or the 40lb boxes. (Please no other kinds of litter. This kind works best with our cats with allergies.)
-Shop Vacuum. Commercial mop.
-Stainless steel or heavy duty plastic bowls for food and water.  
-Jumbo size litter pans in heavy duty plastic (Rubbermaid) or stainless steel.
-Plastic grocery bags.
-Hypoallergenic laundry detergent and fabric softener with no bleach, dyes or perfumes. Antibacterial dish soap. 
-Digital camera to take pictures for our website and newsletters.
-Video camera to show off the cute things our cats do.
-Shelves with melamine to use for the containers our cats sleep in. The melamine makes it easy to clean. 

Your interest in our organization is appreciated and we thank you for helping us in any way you can to help our feline friends.


Melissa Cowley
Founder and Director

Please Donate Today. Your generosity helps 
feed and care for the cats in our Sanctuary.