Kitty Haven Sanctuary of Utah
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We are a donor supported, Non-Profit Animal Sanctuary
We are located in the pristine Cache Valley of Northern Utah near the Idaho border. We provide playrooms filled with climbers, toys and beds for the comfort of the cats. We are a cage free sanctuary and the cats are allowed to roam the rooms they are in or go outside during the summer in special enclosed outdoor kennels.
Kitty Haven is not able to accept animals from the public. What happens if a cat or dog is dropped off at Kitty Haven?  If a cat or dog is dropped off at our sanctuary, we are required to call Animal Control. By law, animals must be placed in the custody of Animal Control to be reunited with their owners. Under penal code 597s, it is unlawful to abandon an animal, and doing so will subject them to attacks by predatory wildlife.

We are currently not accepting any cats at this time as we are full.
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Kitty Haven Sanctuary of Utah is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, volunteer-based no-kill animal sanctuary. Our mission is to rescue homeless and abandoned cats, spay, neuter and provide medical care for them and then provide them care either for life or until they can be adopted.
Please Help Us Save Pixie's Life

                        Pixie was born with a tumor on her eye that we tried to save with medicine.                          Unfortunately that tumor ruptured and she needs to have immediate surgery to                         remove her damaged eye.  The surgery will cost from $600.00 to $1,000.00                         depending on the damage done to her eye.  The longer she waits for the surgery                         the more dangerous it is as an infection is already developing that could take her                         life.  

Please donate today and help us save Pixie's life.